Rahim Hassanally explores personal philosophies behind leading entrepreneurs

Rahim Hassanally

December 8, 2020

Rahim Hassanally

With aspiring entrepreneurs now starting businesses in higher numbers than ever before, much can be learned from those who’ve already achieved success in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Taking a closer look at the personal philosophies of Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk, seasoned entrepreneur Rahim Hassanally explores what led three of today’s most high-profile business leaders to achieve the monumental success which they now enjoy.

“Behind almost every successful business leader is a strong personal philosophy,” suggests Rahim Hassanally, a seasoned entrepreneur from Dallas, Texas.

According to Rahim Hassanally, a personal philosophy combines an individual’s most basic thoughts and beliefs with their approach to tackling different attitudes and concepts, both professionally and in private. “Think of it as a sort of personal motto,” proposes the Texas-based entrepreneur.

Rahim Hassanally says that the best personal philosophies—or personal mottos—should be expressible in just one or two sentences. “The best personal philosophies or mottos, I believe, should, in essence, be roughly one or two-sentence window into an individual’s soul,” adds Hassanally.

The first of three personal philosophies behind leading entrepreneurs to be explored by Rahim Hassanally is that of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. “Mark Zuckerberg’s motto is a short one,” reveals Hassanally of the Facebook co-founder’s personal philosophy. “‘Move fast and break things,'” he adds, “is the official Zuckerberg line on the world-famous entrepreneur’s endeavors, both personal and professional.”

One of speed and experimentation, this personal philosophy, Rahim Hassanally says, is what would ultimately lead Zuckerberg to dream up what’s now the world’s largest social network.

Next, Rahim Hassanally turns to Virgin boss Richard Branson. “Richard Branson’s personal motto states: ‘Treat your life like an adventure,'” reveals Hassanally.

This, according to Rahim Hassanally, reflects the British entrepreneur’s approach to opportunity. Indeed, during his career, Branson has successfully built numerous billion-dollar businesses, each in a distinct sector, such as Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic Airlines – a testament, Hassanally points out, to his passion for adventure. “He’s perfectly cultivated an adventure mindset in all aspects of his life,” adds the entrepreneur.

Finally, and the third of Rahim Hassanally’s three personal philosophies behind leading entrepreneurs is Elon Musk’s. Elon Musk’s personal philosophy—’Constantly think about how you could be doing things better’—is said to be a direct reflection of the Tesla and SpaceX founder’s attitude to life. “Musk’s personal motto perfectly reflects his disruptive nature and fully paints him as the innovator that he is,” suggests Hassanally.

The billionaire entrepreneur’s thirst for knowledge, Rahim Hassanally believes, beyond profit or recognition, is what has afforded him much of his success. “The same is mirrored,” Hassanally concludes, “in his personal philosophy – one which, much like many of the best personal mottos, is expressly succinct and straight to the point.”