Rahim Hassanally Continues to Champion Value of Breast Cancer Awareness Across Solano County

Rahim Hassanally

June 5, 2020

Rahim Hassanally

Businessman Rahim Hassanally details the importance of continued awareness surrounding breast cancer locally, nationally, and internationally.

A long-standing advocate for the cause, Rahim Hassanally has spoken at length recently on the topic of breast cancer awareness and, earlier in 2020, marked the growing importance of World Cancer Day, now held each year on February 4 around the world. An entrepreneur from Solano County, California, the businessman remains at the forefront of breast cancer awareness locally as he continues to stress the crucial nature of the matter in the region and, indeed, throughout the Golden State and elsewhere across the U.S.

“With over 30,000 new cases expected to be diagnosed this year in California alone, breast cancer is today by far the most common form of cancer in the state, with many originating here in Solano County in particular,” explains Rahim Hassanally, a successful businessman and entrepreneur based in the region.

Such is Rahim Hassanally‘s commitment to supporting increased awareness of breast cancer in Solano County that the entrepreneur and businessman has raised many thousands of dollars for local good causes in the field.

One such fundraising effort saw businessman Rahim Hassanally and his team raise an incredible $10,000 for the Sacramento Valley chapter of Susan G. Komen, the leading breast cancer charity both in California and the United States. The chapter has, to date, contributed upwards of $20 million to breast cancer organizations in the region, according to Rahim Hassanally.

“From grants afforded to local community organizations and hospitals to facilitate improved breast health education, to funding for cancer screening and treatment programs for medically underserved women in the community, raising money—and awareness—for charities such as Susan G. Komen is vital,” Hassanally suggests.

The story of Rahim Hassanally and his team’s donation was covered at the time by local family-owned media outlet McNaughton Newspapers, the name behind the Daily Republic, among a variety of further community-driven publications popular in and around Solano County.

“It’s now widely accepted that, both in the U.S. and internationally, cancer rates across the board can be reduced through the promotion of greater awareness of the disease,” says entrepreneur and cancer awareness advocate Hassanally of his continued efforts to raise the profile of the cause. From the promotion of awareness of both common and more rare cancers to studying trends and demographics tied to the disease, every little helps, according to Rahim Hassanally.

“It’s with this in mind that I continue to fight for the cause, and to raise awareness of breast cancer, in particular, as well as other forms of the disease,” adds the Solano County-based entrepreneur.

From Solano County, California, to the homes and businesses of others across the nation, Rahim Hassanally says it’s vital that as many people as possible make efforts, as he does, to champion the value of cancer awareness in the community. “In the ongoing fight against the disease, we’re all able,” adds Hassanally, wrapping up, “to encourage greater cancer awareness, and, I believe, it’s our duty to do so whenever and wherever possible, and to the absolute best of our individual abilities, so that we may one day put an end to all forms of cancer once and for all.”